What is Couchsurfing? A quick guide.

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I am so excited for you. If you’re reading this I’m assuming that a) you’re new to couchsurfing and b) you’re interested in checking it out.

In a nutshell, couchsurfing consists of good people that are willing to open up their homes to host travelers for free. bangkok

You may have couchsurfed before without realizing it and the simplest way is to stay at the homes of friends or friends of friends. But when you run out of friends in whatever random countries you’re visiting, it’s time to make some new ones! And that’s when you should turn to couchsurfing.org

Signing up on couchsurfing is easy – you can register through Facebook. I recommend doing this so that right away you’ll have a network of friends and you can leave references for each other. Couchsurfing is based on mutual trust and respect and references are the easiest way for people to know that you’re legit. References are also the best way for you to know to judge if other people are legit.

You can choose whether or not to host people in your own home or just use couchsurfing when you travel.

Important note: It’s not just a free place to crash. It’s about sharing experiences and you should only use it if you are interested in meeting new people and staying with locals. If you’re into that, you’ll totally love it!

Here are some of my favorite experiences couchsurfing:


This is Bonne (on the left). He actually came and couchsurfed with me and my family when I was back home with my parents. He quit his job to buy his dream motorcycle (Triumph Bonneville T100) and travel across the United States. It was his first time couchsurfing and he happened to come on the day of a solar eclipse, so we went and watched it together! We are still friends today and he is one of the most interesting people I know. You can check out the blog of his travels here: by Chance

Craig and his RV in Geneva

This is Craig. He hosted me and my friend Clark in Switzerland. He’s so awesome! He is a retired firefighter and a former boxer. He participates in firefighter competitions around the world and he used to be a super quick boxer. We didn’t get to spend much time with him but had a really positive experience and I feel like he really understands what it means to be a great host.

Surfing in Yilan with couchsurfing friends

This is a surfing trip I went on with some friends in Taiwan that I met through couchsurfing! I was actually living in Taiwan so I didn’t need a place to stay, but couchsurfing can also be a great way to meet other travelers in your local community.

These are just three of many experiences that I’ve had with couchsurfing. It’s so awesome! In the last few years as couchsurfing has really exploded in popularity it’s community has lost a bit of it’s culture, but I believe that it is still a very relevant and useful travel tool.

Comment with your own couchsurfing experiences and please share so that your friends can try couchsurfing too!

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