Top things to do in Chuuk, Micronesia

chuuk blue lagoon

When I searched for things to do in Chuuk, the first thing to come up was TripAdvisor with “Top 2 Things to Do in Chuuk” ?

That’s when I knew that I needed to write this article.

The first time I got to Chuuk it was by accident.

Ray with Chuuk Sign

I was actually trying to get to Pohnpei, which is famous for the ruins of Nan Madol. They’re comparable to Angkor Wat or Macchu Picchu, but not as famous probably because they’re so remote. Anyway, here we go:

1. Scuba Diving

wreck diving in Chuuk

This is what Chuuk is really known for, and it has some of the best wreck diving in the world. If you’re going to visit Chuuk, please don’t just go from the airport to the hotel to diving and never see anything else on the island as many scuba divers do.

My recommendation for scuba diving is at the Truk Lagoon Dive Center at the Truk Stop Hotel. Even if you are not certified you can do a single dive with them for $135 with their “Discover Scuba” course, or get scuba certified with a 4 day course for $550.

2. Snorkeling

snorkeling in Chuuk

If you’re not scuba certified, the next best thing is to go snorkeling! I went snorkeling right off the pier at the Truk Stop Hotel. If you go off to the left it’s pretty good. The people at the dive shop are friendly and you can ask them for tips on what to look for in the water and where to go.

Another place to go snorkeling is at the Blue Lagoon.

3. Blue Lagoon

This place is wonderful. It’s the island paradise that you were hoping for in the form of a resort that doesn’t look anything like the rest of Chuuk (it’s what you saw in the featured image). You can walk there or take a taxi for a couple dollars (negotiate the price beforehand). Blue Lagoon is a great place to just go hang out and enjoy the beach.

4. Get a driver’s license


This is a great souvenir. It costs $15 and you can get one without any documentation. You can put whatever name you want on it! My friend that was volunteering there went with “McLovin.” You have to go down to the police station to get it and then you have to pay at another building but it definitely seems worth it. If you get one, please leave a comment with what you got on it.

5. Visit outer islands

outer island of Chuuk

There really isn’t a lot to see and do on Weno (the main island of Chuuk), and the outer islands are where you can really see the natural beauty of the area. You’ll find that Weno is quite polluted, but the outer islands are much cleaner. Keep in mind that there may be unfriendly locals with slingshots or blowguns. You should be able to charter a boat and can ask for more information at your hotel.

Tips for your trip:

– Stay safe: Stay in after dark. Although Chuuk is relatively safe during the day (as long as you stay away from the most rural parts of the island), at night there are many drunks out and about and it can be quite dangerous.

-Getting to Truk Stop: When you exit the airport, turn right. Just keep walking straight down the road and eventually you will see the Truk Stop Hotel. This is where you will find a nice dive shop and a restaurant with internet access.

-Food: At the grocery store you can get cheap food, but it’s mostly imported snack-type food. There are restaurants serving American food, but they can be a bit expensive (~$10)

-Make friends: If you see anyone that looks like a foreigner they are probably volunteers with WorldTeach, the Peace Corps, or the Mormon church. You should talk to them. They can give you some tips about the area and when I visited I was fortunate enough to make new friends that even offered me a place to stay.

-Say Hello: “Ran Annim” is “Hello” in Chuukese. You’ll find that people are quite friendly.

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