Finding cheap flights with Skyscanner

cheap flights skyscanner

I love flying, and love to fly as much as possible which means I love flying as cheap as possible. My favorite tool for finding great deals is skyscanner. It’s pretty straightforward: Enter your dates and destination and it gives you the cheapest tickets to get you there.

To really take full advantage of skyscanner, you should try to be flexible on where you go, when you go, how you get there, and even from where you depart from!

1. Where you go

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One option I love to use on Skyscanner is entering my departure city with the destination set to “Everywhere.” Then depending on your dates you can find some really interesting ideas on places to go. Keep in mind that skyscanner saves prices that were searched by others within the last couple weeks, so sometimes you still need to enter in your own destinations to get all the prices.


2. When you go

cheap flights from USA

If you can be flexible with your travel dates you are more likely to find the best deal. This last year I went to 20+ countries for an average of well under $100 a flight. (Think maximum flexibility.) If you have a week off, see if you can get an additional day or two off, if that’s not possible you may want to opt for a shorter visit. The money you save can be substantial. I find that I am a very efficient traveler.  I can see and do a lot in just a few days. Remember, you don’t have to see it all and you can save some sites to see next time!


3. How you get there

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This is the really fun part. One thing that skyscanner won’t naturally do for you is give you a layover of a few days somewhere, but sometimes that can save you a ton of money and give you the chance to visit another place! This is especially useful if you know that there are certain routes that are cheap. Example: going to Norway or Iceland to get you into Europe, or going to Japan to get you into Asia.


4. Where you depart from

bologna to malta

This is also super fun. Sometimes it’s worth traveling a ways to get you to a much cheaper airport to fly from. This could mean driving a few hours or maybe even just flying over to another airport. Going from Italy to Malta we went from Bologna instead of Milan which cost about 1/4 the price.


That’s it! Also, I recommend buying your tickets a fair amount of time in advance. Although ticket prices may fluctuate, they usually don’t go down by more than $50 while they could go up by hundreds. It’s worth it just to buy the tickets so the trip is set and then forget about the flight prices and start focusing on the amazing experiences you’ll have wherever you’re going!

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    Thanks for these great travel tips! Ray, you are awesome ?

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    Nice !

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    Awesome! This is how I’ll book my next flight! 🙂

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