Milan to San Marino as a weekend trip

Castle in San Marino

Last weekend I visited San Marino from Milan and it was spectacular. I highly recommend this trip. San Marino is a country surrounded on all sides by Italy and is set on a hill with fantastic views all around. The city of San Marino (that’s right, the main city has the same name as the country) is totally a castle city. It’s awesome! It’s basically like a McDonald’s PlayPlace for adults. In fact, I think the best way to see the city is just climbing around and exploring.

Trip summary: You take a four hour train ride to Rimini (€25), then you take a bus to San Marino that takes under an hour (€5) and you have a really great time climbing around and seeing awesome stuff.

Ray, Fabian and Sweta climbing the walls of san marino

Getting there

First you need to get to Rimini and from there take a short bus ride to San Marino. I recommend setting Rimini as your base and then going to San Marino for the day. You could spend Saturday in Rimini and then Sunday in San Marino and head back to Milan on Sunday night.

Here are your options:

Milan to Rimini

Bus (€21, 4.5 hrs)

Train (€25, 4.5 hrs) or (€40, 2 hrs)

Car (€17, 3.5 hrs)

Rimini to San Marino

Bus (€5, 1 hr)

You can find the bus right outside the train station in Rimini, close to Burger King. If you want to grab a quick burger or use the restroom before the bus ride that could be a nice idea.

I’ve also seen blablacar for only €2, but it’s pretty rare so you’ll just have to check it out to see if that’s available.

Rimini to San Marino Bus

walls of san marino

Things to do

Once you’re in San Marino…..go explore! It’s the oldest surviving sovereign state and constitutional republic in the world! Amazing. In fact as you look around you’ll see the strength of its defenses with arrow slits spaced regularly along its walls. The beautiful country is filled with interesting history. During the civil war San Marino wrote to President Abraham Lincoln to propose an alliance between the two countries and offer him honorary San Marino citizenship. He accepted the offer and replied that San Marino proved that a “government founded on republican principles is capable of being so administered as to be secure and enduring.” Another interesting tidbit: In 1945 San Marino became the first country ever to democratically elect a communist government.

Restaurant with a view in San MarinoWhen I was there last weekend we stumbled upon a great little restaurant with an amazing view and good prices. I can’t remember the name of it but if you walk up above the Palazzo Pubblico you should be able to find it (please leave a comment if you can get the name for me!) If the weather is nice there are also some restaurants with outdoor eating areas that may be worth a try.


Tips for your trip:

– Don’t plan it out, San Marino is pretty small and easy to explore

– Wear good walking shoes

– Lose yourself!

– Visit Rimini while you’re at it because you probably need to stop there anyway

pathway in san marino


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