Kayaking in Portofino

standing while kayaking in portofino

I spent last weekend hiking and kayaking in Portofino with some friends. It was amazing!! Fortunately I speak Italian which helped with planning things out a little bit, but one thing I noticed is that it is difficult to find really clear information on the cost to go kayaking and cost to rent kayaks in Portofino. Sure, there are plenty of tours you can join, but….if you follow trippin with Ray then that’s probably not your style. We rented our kayaks, asked the rental place for some tips on where to go, and then hit the open sea. The water was cool and refreshing, the sun was out, and the people on ferries were friendly and waved to us as they passed us by.

Kayaking in Portofino

The place we rented from was called Outdoor Portofino. You can find it here on Google Maps. Their rental prices are as follows:

Single Kayak:  €8/hr

Double Kayak: €12/hr

SUP Board: €10/hr

outdoor portofino entrance kayakingIn an hour’s time you can fairly easily kayak over to the lighthouse on the other side of Portofino, hang out a little bit, and kayak back. You can also rent wetsuits for €5, and snorkels if you want to pause to see what’s under the water too. If you were really ambitious you could probably kayak all the way to the Christ of the Abyss statue in the water, but it would take all day, especially if you want to take your time and enjoy yourself.

Kayaking in Santa Margherita Ligure

An alternative is to rent a powered raft or small boat. You can find them in Santa Margherita Ligure for around €100 for a half day (just walk along the main harbor and you’ll see them).

Kayaking in Camogli

If you’re over on the other side of the protected marine area, you can rent kayaks in Camogli from Vela Camogli for €25 for four hours.

nice day in camogli

Tips for your trip

– Enjoy yourself! Follow their lead:

laying back and enjoying kayaking in portofino

photo cred: Camogli photo taken by my friend Sweta! Check out her instagram for more awesome pics: @swetasahu

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