How to Hitchhike

This is just a basic intro to hitchhiking to accompany the video I put out on YouTube! You can check that out here: How to Hitchhike

First off, you should probably know if you’ve never been hitchhiking is that it’s actually a way more legit form of travel than most people realize. You can meet interesting people, save money, and travel in a fun way.

1. Make yourself look presentable

It’s always easier to get a ride if you look clean, friendly, and well put-together. Basically, you want to look like someone who is pleasant to be around and will not stink up the car. Some things that may help are combing your hair, putting on a fresh shirt, and smiling.

2. Hold a sign with the name of your destination

This is huge and many first-time hitchhikers don’t know to do this. Think about it from the driver’s perspective: Would you want to pick someone up if you don’t even know where they’re going? What about if you knew and they were going to the same place? It makes a huge difference and makes it easier to get a ride.

3. Be Patient, Stay Positive

Sometimes hitchhiking takes awhile. It’s definitely not the best way to get around if you are on a tight schedule. It’s a different style of travel that requires patient and a laid-back attitude. Smile, wave, and try to make eye contact with drivers as they pass by. If nothing else you can give them something to talk about in the car.

4. Use

Hitchwiki is an amazing website with lots of great info on how to hitchhike in general, and also how to hitchhike in specific places. It’s always good to know what local laws on hitchhiking are, and where the best places to get picked up  around the city. This is such a great resource. Amazing.

Share any other tips you might have below, or some sweet stories! I had some of my best experiences hitchhiking last year. One was when I met a really cool couple from the Netherlands while I was hitchhiking around Morocco. They had been retired for ten years and took a road trip in their RV every year. On this trip they had driven from the Netherlands down to the bottom of Spain, took a boat across the sea and were spending 45 days in Morocco. Isn’t that amazing?!

Disclaimer: Don’t take a ride from anyone if you don’t feel comfortable.

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