How Teens Can Become World Travelers

Playing with elephants in Kuala Gandah, ThailandThere’s been an article going around for some time about “How Teens Can Become Millionaires.” It’s a great article to give you some basic knowledge about investing and how investing your money early can get you to a point where you will have over a million dollars by the time you retire. That’s pretty cool.

But in the article it says you would need to invest $2,000 a year from ages 19 to 26. $2,000 a year from ages 19 to 26?! Instead I think you’d be much better off spending that money on travel and visiting 30 countries by 30.

group hike pingxi crags taiwanI think a worthy goal for everyone is to visit 30 countries by the time you turn 30. I was able to do it by 23, but I have a unique situation with flight benefits so I know it can be more difficult for others. Of course the real objective isn’t just to add countries to the list of places you’ve been: you should also always prioritize the places you’re most interested in and visit them first. For general travel tips check out my article on the Top 8 Game Changers in World Travel.

To make this simple, I’m going to base this plan off someone living in L.A. with only $2,000 to travel each year for just 6 years.

Year 1 – Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong)

Year 2 – Western Europe (Norway, England, France, Spain, Italy, bonus: Monaco, Vatican City, Andorra)

Year 3 – Central America (Find a cruise for 5 countries, or do a road trip)

Year 4 – Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia)

Year 5 – Europe (Sweden, Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey)

Year 6 – Africa/Middle East (Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Cyprus)

Do you realize how great your next 6 years are going to be if you follow this plan?! Amazing. The best part is that I was actually very generous with your budget because I believe you could actually pull this off with only $1000 a year if you planned well and traveled cheap.

Just to give you an example of your first couple years (these are based on real prices I found through skyscanner for May 2016):


Asia Flights

List of Asia flights

Western Europe Flights

List of Europe flights

If you took the time you could actually find even better deals, but this was just based off a quick search.

Your other main expenses will be housing and food. I recommend couchsurfing, and between couchsurfing and hostels you can easily keep your housing costs under $10 a day. So if each trip lasts one month that would be $300.

Food will depend on how well you want to eat, but you could budget around $10 a day for Asia and maybe $15 a day for Europe (remember: grocery stores and street food are your friends).

clark and ray on a bench in geneva switzerlandYou will also want at least a hundred dollars extra for random expenses and that brings your totals for Year 1 and Year 2 to $1,822 and $1295 respectively. If you use to book your cruises your Year 3 will be easily under $1000 including flights to wherever your cruise starts from. That means that for about $1300 dollars a year you will have visited 18 countries in your first three years!! (That’s assuming 800 dollars your third year and that you visited the bonus countries while traveling Europe).

That’s amazing! 

In other words, if you can save just over $100 a month (10 hours of babysitting depending on where you live, or maybe 5 mowed lawns), then you can do it!

I love to travel. I believe that it helps us all gain better perspectives and better understandings of different people and cultures around the world. Please share this article and share your personal travel tips or experiences in the comments below. Happy Travels! ✈

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