Camping in Portofino

view of portofino camping

The entire area from Camogli, Rapallo, Santa Margherita Ligure and up to Portofino is spectacular. Unfortunately, it’s so spectacular that it’s super expensive to find a place to stay and so popular that you may have a hard time finding couchsurfing hosts. Well, you’re in luck! There are some campsites that are pretty cheap, plus let’s face it: Camping is super fun and in an area full of nature like Portofino it makes more sense than a hotel anyway. So here’s your quick and easy guide to going camping in Portofino.

Getting a tent

tent from decathlon

Decathlon is a huge sports store found throughout Italy. I love it because they sell pretty good quality stuff for super cheap. At decathlon you can buy a two person tent for €23. Although it would be tight you can probably fit three people into that tent….or even four if you really want to push the limits! ?

Camping in Portofino


Originally I was hoping to do some “wild camping” where you don’t go to a campground and just find somewhere to pitch your tent. After doing some research online I found that this is pretty much super illegal in Italy and the law is actually enforced in the touristy areas of Italy (which covers most of the country…because Italy is amazing). So there are a few camping options that you have in Rapallo and Camogli.

I recommend staying in Rapallo. There is a campsite called Camping Miraflores. The cost is €5 per tent and €7 per person. It is about a 30 minute walk from downtown Rapallo, and they have nice showers, bathrooms, wifi, ping pong, and you can charge your phone overnight for .50.

From Rapallo you can hike (1.5 hours) or take a ferry to Portofino (Roundtrip €11,50). Even if you have a car it may be a good option to take the ferry to Portofino because parking is €6 an hour in Portofino town (compared to €2.50 in Santa Margherita Ligure, or free if you can find the right spot).

Once you’re in Portofino you can go kayaking, take a hike to the lighthouse, or hike over to San Fruttuoso, a neat little town that can only be accessed by hiking or ferry.

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