Ray Positano Jump

Note: This website is still a work in progress so please bear with me while I turn this into something that I hope you will find useful and enjoyable. I know I’m going to love creating it!

Travel is my passion. I’ve always done it and it’s what I love to do more than anything else. I’m interested in food, people, languages, cultures, and new experiences. If you’re into that stuff too, then you’re going to love this blog.

Most of the travel I’ve done has been as a student, so it has been on a very limited budget. That works out perfectly for most of my readers because I’ve got a lot of tips on how to save you tons of money when you travel! One thing I’ve really come to realize is that the reason people don’t travel isn’t because they can’t afford it, it’s because they don’t realize that they can afford it!

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You easily travel on a small budget when you sleep at a new friend’s house, eat street food for under $2 a meal, and get to your destination on a discount airline for $20. Of course I’ve been to more expensive parts of the world, but you can still get by, and many times experience more, with a lot less money than most people would think.

Back to me: I’ve lived in China, Taiwan, Italy, and the U.S. I’ve traveled to 30+ countries, and most of those countries I’ve been to multiple times. I believe that you can’t fully appreciate a place until you live there, but you can get the gist of most major cities in just a day.

So explore the site and use it as a tool to help you explore the world. Remember, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.